Dictionary and Learn The True Meaning Of Resiliency

Resilience is a way of taking walks thru lifestyles. As I explored the awareness we all get in hindsight, I realized that there may be any other word we’d use: PREsilience (preventive resilience). These are talents and moves that may be cultivated, advanced, and taken BEFORE necessity moves. It is set being pro-energetic and organized. If now not prepared and proactive, your head will resonate with after-the-fact “if onlys.”

In short, human resiliency is a ways deeper and greater all encompassing than how the dictionary defines “resilience.”

Definition of RESILIENCE from Merriam Webster:

1: The functionality of a strained body to get better its size and shape after deformation brought on in particular through compressive stress.
2: An potential to recover from or alter easily to misfortune or alternate.

Inherent in the first definition is the belief of returning to an original length and shape. This is probably true for bent metallic, however it is not enough for people in this global 24/7 global. In reality, the commonplace section, “get better” works for tennis balls, blow-up clowns, and trampolines but now not for the human machine. Instead, real resilience is the ability to develop ahead thru mission or opportunity, becoming wiser, smarter, stronger, and better able to create a sustainable future.

There is NO bouncing back! No! Not! Never! Going back to an authentic nation might feel relaxed however it denies the very possibility of personal and organizational increase. In a continuously changing global, returning to antique habits, vintage structures, and vintage behaviors can genuinely be counter-efficient. Growing forward carries extra power.